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The Pekingese

The Pekingese breed is often refered to as the “lion dog” The Pekingese originated in China very long ago in the first century A.D.

The Bulldog

No one could ever complete the sentence “I like a Bulldog best because…..” in twenty-five words or less – the advantages of this breed are far too many. It is a combination of formidable exterior and Victorian sentimentality which makes the “sourmug” so appealing.

The Border Collie

One of the top stars in any agility or flyball competition, the Border is full of energy and loves to compete and please.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback

True to it’s African roots, this profile of the Ridgie gets back to basics by giving an explanation of the breed by using a story, a practice that African Tribes use.

The Boxer

Loving, loyal and plain silly at times! The Boxer is a breed that grabs attention with its looks and personality.

The Golden Retriever

This wavy coated breed is the youngest of the retriever and continues to be one of the most popular breeds for families and fanciers.

Afghan Hound Breed

With roots dating to the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Afghan Hound is an ancient breed derived from the group of Middle Eastern sighthounds. Afghan Hounds development is the result of its use of being a coursing hound capable of providing hare and gazelle meat.

Leash Training Your Dog

Starting to lead break a pup is one of the first and most important steps in preparing for conformation training. Even the dog that is the perfect picture of the breed standard will never do well in showing if it can not be controlled and allowed to show what a beautiful dog it is. Many different methods have been used and many different opinions on starting ages can be found. This is a collaboration of research from many to help summarize the process.

All About the CGC

Is your pup well behaved and you want to show off this accomplishment. The AKC has a program specifically for you called the Good Citizenship Program. This program offers owners and their dogs to show they have what it takes to be a good doggie citizen.

Dog Aggression Problems

Many owners discover as their cute little puppy grows it tends to have an aggressive side. Dog aggression is a serious problem and professional assistance is recommended in helping correct the problem.

House Training Your Dog or Puppy

One of the first and most important training steps any new dog owner makes is training the dog or pup to relieve itself outside. With a little patience and repetition you can have your dog going potty outside in no time.

The First Step to Obedience Training

The first command and one of the hardest for a new puppy to learn is the “Watch Me” command. This should be taught before any of the other basic obedience training commands is started. The “Watch Me” command is used to get the dogs attention.

Dog Treats and Training

Your best friend when beginning training your dog will most likely be treats. Treats are an excellent way to start a training program and serve many purposes. A treat helps keep your dogs attention and is a great way to reward your pup. Although treats are effective, your goal when training should be for the dog to follow commands without the treat as you will not have one at all times.

Dog Musical Freestyle

This new dog sport is fun to watch and participate in. All you need to practice is your dog, some music and a little rhythm. Due to the great entertainment value, music freestyle has changed the way we view dog competitions and increased interest from dog owners of all breeds.

Training a Dog to Stand

The first command most puppies that will enter the show ring learns is “Stand”. This command is an excellent exercise with small pups that are capable of learning and desire the mental stimulation. It also helps owners get to know the qualities of the pup better.

Dog Agility for Fun

Agility most of you have seen on the Television. This is where dogs run through tunnels and go over jumps and weave in and around poles. This article outlines background information on preparing to compete in agility competition.

Stop Your Dog From Jumping

Many dog owners face the problem of training their dog not to jump up on other pets and people. This article explains steps that can be taken to break your dog of the jumping habit.

New Baby and the Family Dog

I always advise that as soon as you are aware that there will be a new baby in the house, begin to prepare your family dog. Do not leave it until the new baby arrives. It is important that your dog associates the new baby with as few disruptions as possible.

Stop Your Dog Barking

Most dog owners have something in common, how to control barking. This article outlines steps to assist dog owners in correcting excessive barking.

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