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Advertise your Kennel to thousands of viewers a month through our classified
ads. We offer a variety of packages for you to chose from. If you are a
rescue group please email us directly for a free listing!

The reason so many professional kennels choose us is because of the many
benefits we offer. We have a very large dog community existing as well as new
members joining each day. This gives your kennel instant access to a variety of
dog enthusiasts at a very reasonable cost.

We only accept kennels we deem reputable to be listed to help prevent the amount
of “backyard breeders” that plague the breeder community and gives
reputable breeders a bad name. Before signing up, please read our
Listing Guidelines.

On average we have been receiving close to 20,000 page views a month for our
Breeder classifieds section of the site and this continues to grow each month.
That is possibly 20,000 people searching for a reputable breeder that will gain
access to each month!

We offer very reasonable Rates for our services and have a package for every
kennel, no matter how small or large. To signup simply email us at
with all your Kennel information for our review and which package you would like
to sign-up for. Once reviewed and accepted into the program, we will send
payment instructions and put your Advertisement onto the site.

Package Kennels Rescues
Package 1:

1 Year Photo Ad

$69.00 Free
Our most popular package featuring an ad that will run for one year and feature
all your Kennel information as well as a photo! Ad will run for 12 consecutive
months and and be shown to hundreds of thousands of searchers.
Package 2:

1 Year Ad w/o Photo

$65.00 Free
Ad runs for 12 consecutive months and offers all the benefits as Package 1 only
without a Photo.
Package 3:

6 Month Ad w/ Photo

$40.00 Free
Ad runs for 6 consecutive months and features all Kennel information and a
Package 4:

6 Month Ad w/o Photo

$35.00 Free
Ad runs for 6 consecutive months and features all Kennel information without a
Package 5:

1 Month Ad w/ Photo

$20.00 Free
Ad runs for 1 month and features all Kennel information and a Picture.
Additional Services:
We offer a variety of services to aid you in the process of successful
promotion. Below is a listing of these items.
Package Kennels Rescues
4 Page Website $30 year Free
Promote your Kennel and show your professional status with your own website. We
will develop and host the site for you. This is a great way to share more
information about yourself and your Kennel, a must for any professional Kennel.
Complete Web Hosting $9.99 month and up Varies
This is an excellent option and offers all the great features of other hosting
providers but includes the functions that you need to make your site successful.
All hosting pacjkages comes preinstalled with a content management system for
offering breed information, puppy announcements etc… The site will also come
with an installed chat forum and directory for keeping up to date on puppies and
to answer questions. A demo site can be seen here.
For more information, please contact us at

Search Engine Optimization
Varies Varies
Want your site to show up in the top searches to attract visitors to your site.
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