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Toy Group Dog Breeds Shih Tzu – What to use for grooming?

New to the group and excited to bring our girl home in Feb 2004. I was wondering what a good grooming tool would be. I was thinking an electric would be easier, but I don’t know. Can you use human electric clippers? How much should I spend?

Working Group Breeds Boxer – No Acepromazine!

There is one drug commonly used in anesthetic protocols that should not be used in the Boxer. The drug is Acepromazine, a tranquilizer, which is often used as a preanesthetic agent. In the Boxer, it tends to cause a problem called first degree heart block, a potentially serious arrhythmia of the heart. It also causes a profound hypotension (severe lowering of the blood pressure) in many Boxers that receive the drug.

Working Group Breeds Boxer – About those So Called Funny Looking Boxers with Natural Ears

Over the last week….I have given up on taping and massaging my dogs ears. MonaMia….your dogs ears lay perfectly….that is what I wanted…but Rocky’s ears are not agreeing with that idea. They fling and fly all over the place…up-down…left-right…half of each! Oh well! Mostly they seem to lay like a bulldogs rose ear.

Working Group Breeds Boxer – Allergies?

I have a 9 month old brindle boxer named FatBoy who has been suffering with a itchy rash on his feet, ears, tummy and haunches since he was 3-4 months old. We’ve had him tested for mange, mites, scabies, etc. He has seen a dermatologist (at a cost of $500) only to find out that it might/must be an allergy of some kind….He’s been treated with antibiotics, because he infected his sores. We also bathe him twice a week with a medicated shampoo, spray his rash with a cortisone spray, do ear drops and ear wash, and although the rash is somewhat better, it’s still prevalent and keeps popping up. He’s also on prescription dog food (Hills Science Diet z/d). I have been told that he could be allergic to food, which takes a long time to diagnose, or perhaps air-borne allergens…Does anyone have similar situations, or had them in the past? My vet said that this may be an adolescent thing….I sure hope so. Help!

Working Group Breeds Giant Schnauzer – Puppy vaginitis

Abby went to the vet more than a week ago and got some medicine for puppy vaginitis. She had starting having a mucous discharge when she tee teed. i didn’t know what it was, but they said it could be a UTI or puppy vaginitis. i have her on clavomox, and she’s been on it for more than a week and it hasn’t improved. She is herself, with not a bit less energy, but i hope it’s not serious. they said that her first heat would help. has anyone else had this problem?

Working Group Breeds Boxer – Any other boxer lovers?

Hi Aimee, my name is Aimee too! Mine is short for Amelia, hence the “AmeliaBedelia”. How did you go about training Fritz for therapy and what is the certification process? I also am a first-time Boxer owner and we are so crazy about this dog. I cannot imagine a day when I will not want to have a Boxer!

Hound Group Breeds – Hound Group Picture Contest Feb 16 – 20

Let’s go with an open contest this week. Add your entry as displayed below:

Hound Group Breeds – Please help – progressive demyelination / demyelinization

We really need some help! Four days ago Walter started limping and now he is not able to walk anymore. He is trying, but he falls down after 3-4 steps. He doesn’t seem to feel any pain, but he can’t use his front left leg (also his back legs don’t look too good). The vet said that is a congenital problem with myelin sheath (progressive demyelination/demyelinization) and the nervous impulses don’t reach his foot. The vet said we could try some B Vitamin cure, but we should think about euthanasia.

Dog Adoption and Pet Welfare – Banned Dogs In Germany!!

* Press Release :Germany has begin euthanizing innocent pets by the hundreds.

In Germany we have “Nazi time” again. There are hot-lines were you can point out people who are owning a “fighting dog.” Dobermans, Rottweilers and a lot of other dogs have to carry bait bags all the time outside to bait these dogs in to the hands of the German police where they are captured and put down (since a few days)

Dog Adoption and Pet Welfare – You see him with your eyes NOW see him with your heart

Just the Facts

What is a backyard dog?

Any dog who is left to Live outside for life, either on a chain or in a pen

Is there a problem with continuious chaining or penning?

YES, the practice is cruel and inhumane,given the social nature of a dog and the physical anguish he suffers.

Canine Contests – Our Biggest Monthly Contest Yet!

Breed Standard

Old Definition: A dog, especially a mongrel. A stupid person (short for muttonhead).

New Definition: M.U.T.T. – Most Unique Totally Terrific dog

General Appearance

The Mutt is a dog. His whole appearance is one of dignity and aloofness or slobbering, wiggling, happy-to-see-you joy. He has a proudly carried head, or it can be cocked to one side in an adorable expression that is often caught by photography everywhere.

Herding Group Breeds Bearded Collie – Samantha Passed the Test!!

My husband and i have been in training over the last year with our Bearded Collie Sammie and she had up until last night graduated Puppy Training and Basic Training. She loves people so much and has a time controling herself in jumping up and we have been working on that for along time. Well we have been in advanced training over the last 6 weeks and we were in training to have her pass the AKC Canine Good Citzen Award. An she did it last night she passed and passed the test and made it through Advanced training. We are really proud of her and wanted to let everyone know that we have a good citzen!

Sporting Group Dog Breeds – Golden Retriever Health Issues

Health Issues:

Hip dysplasia, hereditary cataract and epilepsy

Terrier Group Breads – Punishment Is Not A Solution For Wires

In another thread RG our moderator and Wire guru said that “punishment is not a solution for Wire Haired Fox Terriers.” This is very true and I have heard this before.

My last puppy was about 15 years ago and he was a sheepdog and kinda mellow and easy going and never needed any training – house trained in one day and – he learned obidence quickly.

I am taking on my Wire puppy training as seriously as I would a baby so I’m looking for some help on the topic of how to disipline and how to manage the natural terrier personality to you more experienced than I.

Canine Contests – Has Your Pup Been Good This Year – December Monthly Contest

What a contest we have for December!! We are trying to find out which pups have been naughty and nice and what better way than a letter to Santa and Christmas Tails! Of course a big present will have to go to the winner!

To enter the contest just add a reply to this post with your creative Christmas Tail… This can be your pups letter to Santa, Christmas story about your pup or even their job-application to be a part of Santas dog sled team!

Canine Contests – Biggest Monthly Contest Yet!

It is believed that the Boxer breed originated from the Brabanter Bullenbeisser which can be be traced back to Belgium. This dog was described as a strong and agile dog, much as the Boxer is today. The Brabanter Bullenbeisser was used by elite individuals in Germany to help in the hunting of wild boar. The dog’s ears were cropped to prevent any potential injuries and tears from encounters with the boars.

Announcements – Guidelines

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Training, Behavior & Health Issues – Aggressive behavior in my 10 month puppy… at wits end

Okay… I’ve had Alec since he was two months old – he’s a pug/beagle mix and if i can figure out how, i’ll post a pic or two…

He can be the sweetest dog in the world – he burrows under the covers for quick naps with me, he is wonderful with strangers, etc. But then he gets into these moods where he growls, snaps, and bites us.

Canine Community Support – cell dogs on Animal Planet

Has anyone watched this show? I was really impressed by the dogs’ effect on the prisoners and also how quickly the dogs had learned. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about programs in prisons where certain prisoners who agree to a code of ethics and take training classes learn to rehabilitate shelter dogs to become helper dogs for the disabled, or to become pets etc. What a great idea. I was especially touched when the dog didn’t want to go in the crate and the innmate said “I know you don’t want to go in there, I know just how you feel”.

Toy Group Dog Breeds Yorkshire Terrier – Yorkie Ears??

Anyway, I have a friend who has a 7 month old yorkie. She is wondering if her yorkie’s ears will stand up on their own or if she should do something to help them. I have never had a yorkie pup (got mine as adults) and I can’t find any information about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Announcements – Uploading your Pictures

Your can upload pictures to several places in Dog Groups

When you upload pictures there’s always the option to choose the final location.

Working Group Breeds – Boxer with a knee problem

I have a 4 year old male Boxer. Luca was recently diagnosed with an ACL injury to his right hind leg. My vet has referred me to a orthopedic surgeon. I would like to avoid surgery if possible. Can anyone out there recommend an alternative to surgery?

Rare Dog Breeds Mixed Breeds – I think I have a puggle puppy… anyone have adult pics?

although i was told that i had purchased a pug, i believe my puppy is actually a puggle. i’m not too bummed, because he’s adorable! i had never heard of a puggle, but people kept telling me that he looks like one. after doing some internet research, i have to admit that 12 week old alec looks more like a puggle than a pug puppy.

Suggestions & Tests – PEDIGREE