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What a contest we have for December!! We are trying to find out which pups have been naughty and nice and what better way than a letter to Santa and Christmas Tails! Of course a big present will have to go to the winner!

To enter the contest just add a reply to this post with your creative Christmas Tail… This can be your pups letter to Santa, Christmas story about your pup or even their job-application to be a part of Santas dog sled team!

We will be taking all entries through the end of December and will have a Poll to vote on the winner a the first of the Year. Good luck to everyone!




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Hello My name is Gilbert. I am writing you because I heard on the radio that you knew who was bad and who was good and that you were giving out presents. I don’t know what bad or good means but I know what presents mean. That means dog bones. And I love dog bones. What does bad and good mean? why do you give presents if you are bad and good? My mommy says “BAD GILBERT” and “GOOD GILBERT” but mostly “bad” does this mean I get extra presents? If it does I have been “bad” a lot. Let me tell you what all I have done. Mommy must be really happy with me. Sometimes she yells “BAD GILBERT” This must mean she is really pleased with me. And I love to please my mommy. So I have been doing more bad things just to make her happy.

Like this one time Santa I saved mommy from a nasty White Dragon. She was in the Bathroom and was reaching for it and I saw that the Dragon was going to bite her so I barked “No Mommy” “I will Save you” And I snatched that dragon right up and took it down stairs and killed it and ate it. “It didn’t taste to good but anything for my mommy” Anyway she started yelling my name and I knew she was so happy that I had killed the Dragon. And I was waiting for her when she got down stars and I showed her the dead Dragon. Oh Santa I was so proud of myself. I dropped what was left of it right at my Mommys feet and she said “Bad Gilbert” That is the first time I realized that “Bad” meant that mommy was happy with me. She picked up that mean old Dragon and through it away! It was gone forever..But some how Santa more Dragons keep coming back into the bathroom. And they are always white. I worry about my mommy so I kill as many as I can. Sometimes though they are up on high places like the shelves and I just can not reach them and this makes me so sad. Anyway that is one present right. One present for every good and bad thing. Lets see what else have I done? I want to get as many bones and balls as I can.

Oh yeh, I remember this one time Santa, Poor Mommy was not feeling well and she was folding up daddies and sissys clothes and she kept having to go back and get more and they just kept pilling up on her and she said”I wish I didn’t have so much laundry to do” So as she was bringing them into the bedroom I thought I would help so I started grabbing as much of it as I could and taking it down to the couch. So mommy could get done faster and take a nap. I remember her saying wow that didn’t take as long as I thought. She went and put them all up and of course I was right there with her. Then we laid down and took a long nap. Then it was time for Daddy to come home so Mommy got up and went to fix supper. Daddy came in the front door and walked into the living room and I remember him asking mommy why all the clothes were on the couch and mommy saying “Bad Gilbert” I just jumped up on daddys lap and barked to him “Mommy was sick so I helped do the laundry.” He must of understood because he was smiling and patting me.

Oh yeh Santa I almost forgot the bestest thing that I do for Mommy and Daddy the thing that makes them say “Bad Gilbert” almost everyday is protect them from the evil Black King of The Lap. He is so evil Santa He thinks he can set on my mommy and Daddys lap anytime he wants to.. And that lap belongs to me..Well I have to let him know about it..I bark” Stay away” but he does not listen” So I bark Evil King I am warning you back away.” And mommy starts yelling “BAD GILBERT BAD BAD” So I know she is really happy I am protecting her so I just let that Evil King have it and Mommy and Daddy both yell “BAD GILBERT” So I just keep fighting for them.. Then mommy picks the Evil King up and he goes in another room and I go in my room to rest because after all it is hard doing battle. You know santa I think that evil king sets those Dragons loose. I just bet yah he does. And I bet he ways a magic wand or something and makes mommy have more laundry to fold because she says “I just don’t know where all this laundry comes from”

So do I get like 10 things because I have made my mommy and daddy so happy? You know santa I used to here “Good Gilbert” but I think the word “bad” must mean a lot more than “good” because here lately that is all I here. Anyway I think it is so nice of you to give presents to people who love and protect each other. Here is what I want 3 dog bones, 2 balls, and 5 of those little dolls that make noise when I bite them. Thank you Santa and don’t forget my Mommy and Daddy and my Sissy and Bubby they have all been so “bad” Much better than “good” I love them so much. Hugs and Kisses Gilbert.

Dear Gilbert, HO HO HO, you made my belly jingle. You poor little dear. I am sure Mommy and Daddy love you dearly but sweet Gilbert “Bad” means you have upset Mommy and Daddy. “BAd” means you need to not do that any more. HO HO HO you are such a good little puppy though wanting to slaigh the mean king and the nasty dragons but my love the dragons are toilet paper rolls. Mommy and Daddy need toilet paper and the Black King is a long time friend of Mommy and Daddy he was there long before you that is why he wants on Mommys lap. He loves her too. Oh poor Gilbert and all this time you thought you were being “good” Well you’ll do better now.. “HO HO HO” chin up give Mommy and Daddy hugs for me and P.S look under the tree.

Dear Santa, I am so sorry I thought I was doing some thing that made Mommy happy I barked at her saying “ Mommy I am sorry” I hope she understood. But Santa I still think that that is an Evil Black King. But I will try not to attack him anymore. Even though I do not trust him and his dragons. Oh what did you call them? Toilet paper rolls I don’t trust anything that comes that close to my Mommy and Daddy.

P.S thanks for all the bones They are great but Mommy is making me share with that KIng.

Dear Gilbert, YOu are welcome. And I am sure the King and you could be good friends and maybe you could teach him how to slay Dragons. HO HO HO I am sure Mommy would love 2 knights. Well see you again next year… Merry Christmas Love Santa.

Where is everyone at?

lol, I love the letter to Santa from Gilbert! Madison and Max are still finishing their letters up.

Can not wait to see some more great Christmas stories!




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Dear Santa Paws~

BARK BARK….Its me Harley the boxer dog from Missouri. I have tried HARD to be good this year BUT living with these other misfits has made it harder to do whats right. YOU know I AM the young one here nowadays. Stealing the steak and blaming the cat Well that was just to easy and tempting I HAD to do it. As for tearing things up and blaming chevy WELL she just gets on my nerves with all that barking and yapping all the time so I had to get her in trouble as well. BUT I promise I will try harder to not let them TEACH me bad habits. **BARK**Im sorry about chasing Dasher and taking his bells off his harness last year. IT was dark and they where running after all. Whats a dog to do. BUT I am trying to be a good furkid and listening to mom when Im told. Dad on the other hand Well He knows IM king but doesnt want to admit it so HE should be on the naughty list for not minding at ALL. Here is a list of a few things I want this year and Maybe my cute little boxer face with all the wrinkles can get them for me. I want some new toys. ONLY with squeakers You know I love those ones. I will try to be easy with them and not tear them up again. I also love the BIG bones. IM not a baby any more so the bigger the better, and I promise not to steal Chevys. A new sweater PLEASE make sure it is BOY colors, I have an ego to hold up here and girl colors is not my thing. If I get what I want this is what I will do for you. I WONT jump on people any more, I wont blame the others for things I have done…OF course if the get blamed and I sit back and dont say anything that can not be held against me. I will try to get DAD to start minding better, thats gonna be a hard one though. And I promise to love and protect my family for the rest of my days. IM really good at that and I will always be…Love your favorite four legged missouri boxer Harley

P.S. I left some cookies for you by the tree..Sorry about them being half eaten I got a little hungry..


* For To Be Free Is Not Merely To Cast Off One’s Chains, But To Live In A Way That Respects And Enhances The Freedom Of Others———-Nelson Mandela *

Chevy and Oliver are still working on theirs LOL


* For To Be Free Is Not Merely To Cast Off One’s Chains, But To Live In A Way That Respects And Enhances The Freedom Of Others———-Nelson Mandela *

Dearest Santa, *rooff*

you know how things go………. I was trying to be a really, really good Dane all year, and I didn’t really want to steal that Filet Mignon off the kitchencounter, nor did I really want to devour that stick of butter, and that pound of Leerdamer cheese just had my name in biiiiiig letters on it. Can I help it, that my human can-openers don’t put things were they belong? Instead of being grateful they yell at me…… *pout* They just shouldn’t leave anything lying around under the six foot marker. I’m not a Chihuahua and they should know these things, right?

Anyways – I was thinking of leaving them and become a world famous reindog on your sled team. A real dog needs a real job, and since I am the macho kind-a-guy I thought being a sled dog would be the kind of job, where all the dane-girls would stand in line for a date with me.

I promise, I’ll be hard working for at least an hour every day, and I will only require a nice sofa for my downtime after meals – which by the way I only take about three/four times a day. I really don’t want to be a bother, but my stomach is a little sensitive and therefore I’d prefer a well-balanced diet with little or nor fillers in it. The Filet Mignon acutally went down quite nicely – not much chewing was required and I quite liked that.

In general I do get along with reindeer just fine. I think chasing them around is a load of fun, and if you don’t mind I would like a spot in the sled team where I can admire their rear ends – that would give me a wonderful incentive to work hard and run fast.

Now this is hopefully an offer you can’t refuse. I am really, really looking forward to being on your team and I’ll help you eat all those cookies these kids leave behind for you. They really don’t care at all about your figure, do they? Well I DO !!! …….and since I like you very much I’ll help you – that’s just the kind of guy I am !!


your hopefully future black-nosed reindog Daytona

PS: Don’t tell my can-openers I wrote you. Psssssssssst!!!! They have noooooooooooo idea, that I am such a hard worker!! Let’s keep it that way!!!


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I love them all. Maximus is really working hard on his letter. This will his second Christmas.


Maximus’ mommy!!

OH MY these all have just made my day..TO CUTE…come on everyone join in…Chevy and Oliver will be posting soon


* For To Be Free Is Not Merely To Cast Off One’s Chains, But To Live In A Way That Respects And Enhances The Freedom Of Others———-Nelson Mandela *

Dear Santa,

Hi its me Mona, you know the white boxer with purple toe nails!! Well this year it is my very first Christmas and I am so excited I keep woo-wooing Christmas carols when mom has them on. I just wanted to make sure I was on the nice list! When I stole the whole loaf of raisin bread and hid every slice in a different spot, even one slice in moms bed I didn’t know about you. I am so sorry. If I did know I would have been so good. I even stopped jumping on moms head in the morning bc she said she would call you and tell you. And I promise not to chase grandmas chickens when we go visit her! Other than that I have been great this year. I always try and make mom laugh everyday she thinks i’m the funniest! I promise to not nibble on your cookies and drink your milk if you bring me a new big bed and FRISBIES FRISBIES FRISBIES!!!! Yappy Holidays!! Love Mona


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Dear Santa,

My name is Oscar. I have been good all year, you see, I had not been well. At 15 years old my little dachshund legs and back had been terribly sore, so I had not been able to bring mom any rabbits, mice,snakes,birds, squirells, chipmunks…well, you know santa, you saw all that before. I had more seizures this year and took more medicine. It made me sleep alot, but mom let me sleep on her lap so it was ok. I am afraid I did not bark as much this year either, I did not seem to hear alot of things that went on around the house. Mom would help me get outside so I would not fall on the steps. Santa, I am not here for Christmas this year and that makes my mom sad. Could you please teach the new puppy how to do the things I used to do? Mom needs to know when there is someone outside because she is home alone alot. And someone needs to bring her all those dead animals, (I just did it to see the look on her face), but I don’t want her to forget me. Oh, and make sure the puppy sleeps on the bed and takes up as much room as possible…that way mom will keep waking up and moving her. That is one way to get extra petting time. I will be looking down and watching this year instead of opening my presents. Make sure to leave something for the new puppy to tear up, because she really likes to tear things up….I never did that. Oh, and one last thing santa, tell my old friend Willie (that huge 160 pound drooling fur ball I lived with) that ICE IS NOT A TREAT…geez, that dog will do anything for an ice cube, even tricks….I always held out for the good stuff. As you leave my old house please chase the cats up the stairs for me too….I think they miss that…they just spend alot of time sleeping…with their eyes closed…that never happend when I was there. Your Friend Oscar

this is oscar opening his presents last year


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Dear Santa,

My name is Shanee, I am a good rottie. Only about 10% of the time. I love stealing bulbs off of the Christmas tree. Last year in December. Was so much fun. I think I almost pulled the tree down a dozen times or so. I killed about 12 or so bulbs. Then I thought it would be cool to try and eat the bulbs off the table top tree. I had so much fun unwraping every ones presents. But mommy got mad because it was not Christmas yet. I think she got sick of buying new wraping paper all the time. This year i am finding it really hard to be good. That tree is looking so good. IT even turns on its own. So now I can pull ornaments of it easier. I already stole a buld and chewed on a Christmas mouse. OH how fun that was. See Santa. I love to help decorate. I am also good at house cleaning. I grab mommies laundry and drag it down stairs for her. Then I shake it really good. I go get some more and do it again. The laundry never makes it to the laundry room. But I get it close. When mommy loads the dish washer i pre-wash the dishes for her. She puts them in the dishwasher and then i lick them clean. She tells me no all the time and that it could make me sick. But it tasts so good. Who could resist. I love to steal the kids teddy bears. They look so much like my squeaky ones. I try and shake the stuffing out. But never have enough time. Some one comes to get it from me and I just run. What a fun game. Till I get cought. See Santa, I just love to help. This summer. My mommy would get the hose to water the garden. I would dig the holes. I think the holes will help the water got to the roots. I need big plants because that gives more for me to chew on. I love to help mommy garden. She pulls the wead and tosses them. I am so nice I bring them back to her. She tells me thank you for the help and laughs at me. Then I go dig up a plant for her. That is when I seam to get in trouble again. But I though I was helping. Because she pulls weads out. They all look the same to me. Daddy loves to have my help. When he uses the wheelbarrow. I bark at it. It is such a big monster. I have to keep daddy safe. When daddy cuts the wood. I help pile it up. The only problem he has with that. Is that it is all over the yard. See Santa. I love to work with daddy. Santa I now it is hard for me to be good. But there is so much to do. When you land on my roof. I will try and not bark. I just do that to keep my family safe. I promise to be nice and give you a kiss when you get down the chimney. Just please leave me a bone, squeaky toys and a ball. Don’t forget to to eat the cookies and milk the kids left for you. If you don’t mind. Can you share. Nobody will now unless I get sick.



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Oh My….these letters are fantastic. I am sure Santa is going to have a really rough time this year finding the BEST Christmas Tail! Remember guys, don’t forget to participate!




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Dear Santa,

Hello my name is JoJo AKA the Black King. Santa I was wondering if you could help me out. That Gilbert has such an imagination it just drives me crazy. He is always tearing things up and making a horrible mess. Mom is always yelling at him and he thinks she is praising him. Boy does he have a lot to learn. He is so young and has so much to learn. But he is driving everyone up the wall well mainly me it’s always “Bark Bark Bark” ” Yap Yap Yap” The sound just pounds in my ear drums and nauseates me. Yeh I know what your thinking that I am a Scrooge but really I am not. Its just well that pup STAYS ON MY LAST NERVE. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? Coming in here and acting like he owns everything. Well he even sprayed the christmas tree. Well I showed him I marked it to.. All the way around it.. Then he thought he could out do me and the little booger cocked his legs and aimed for the christmas balbs. Well I wasn’t going to let some young whipper snapper out shoot me.. No sir Santa I cocked my leg and loaded my gun like never before you should have seen me. Rambo be warned the King has arrived. Anyway mom came home and saw the dripping wet tree. Needless to say she was not happy.I knew better Santa But you see you see what this Gilbert makes me do!! I completely lowered myself to his level.. What’s a dog to do? (sigh) Oh Santa if you could grant me just one wish. I have always been a very good dog till he came along.. Just one wish..I don’t need any presents though a new bone would be nice..All I need is for Gilbert to wake up and NOT BE GILBERT!! I mean for him to wake up calm and polite. Sophisticated more like me.. Ah that would be perfect..We could be best of friends..What do you say Santa Can you help a poor dog out?

Dear JoJo. Shame on you. You were young once to have you forgotten what it was like not to have a care in the world? I think you do.. I think it felt good being “bad” I think you liked taking your spray gun to moms tree “HO HO HO'”I think it scared you.. I think you have tried to grow up to fast..Come on now admit it having Gilbert around has kept you on your toes and you way deep down inside like it. Wouldn’t you miss all the excitment? I think you would.


Maybe just a little it was kind of fun to do something naughty for a change. It sure did get a rise out of mom. Thank you for reminding me of what it feels like to be young..Oh and Santa I think I’ll take that bone after all.

Dear Rrranta,

It’s me, Boomer. You know, the 5 pounds poodle. Psssst, don’t say anything about my size to the other guys around here because I’m a “100 pounds” dog at mind. I’ve just heard about you recently because this is my first Christmas. I’m good most of the time but my mum says that I’m a bit of a scatter brain because I seem to get distra c t e d….. v e r y…….e a s l……was that a bird in the window. Be right back!

OK, birdie’s gone, were was I…..yes! I was saying, I’m a pretty good pup and I would love it if you got me one of those huge bones that you find in the pet store. You know the one that is about…hummm…I’d say three feet long and weighing about 2 times more then me. Wow, I really would like one of those. Every time I try to grab one my mum keeps pulling me away and says “Boomer, silly puppy, that’s too big for you” and keeps getting me these ridiculous little sissy bones. SHUCKS! And the big ones smell so good too. Well that’s about it. Oh yah! Don’t forget I have a little sister and she’d probably like one of those big bones too and don’t worry, if she can’t finish it then “like the GOOD brother that I am” will help her out most definitely. heheh……..OH BOY! Birds back….got to go!