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My husband and i have been in training over the last year with our Bearded Collie Sammie and she had up until last night graduated Puppy Training and Basic Training. She loves people so much and has a time controling herself in jumping up and we have been working on that for along time. Well we have been in advanced training over the last 6 weeks and we were in training to have her pass the AKC Canine Good Citzen Award. An she did it last night she passed and passed the test and made it through Advanced training. We are really proud of her and wanted to let everyone know that we have a good citzen!


That is absolutely great about graduating Puppy Training and Basic Training and receiving the AKC Canine Good Citzen Award! Congratulations!!!

We have the same problem with Max jumping up. He loves people so much and gets so excited. Have any tips that worked good, other than lots of patience




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What we do when it comes to jumping up is when she jumps up instantly turn around. Cause the only jump to get your attention so when you turn around they actually lost ground with attention. When she jumps we make no eye contact and turn and ignore. Then turn around and try again when we go places we have people do the same and if they don’t then we tell them she can’t be petted until she stays down. Seems to work quite well at home but when we go places she still jumps all over everyone scares me sometimes cause she could hurt someone being 45 pds. She has been doing some better at least enough to pass the test but it’s hard cause alot of people say it’s ok and try to pet her anyways and it starts us all over again. Hope this can help you some. My trainer said that she had a dog that did the same and she had a party and when everyone came in she gave them treats at the door and everytime she jumped they turned and then when she would sit they gave treat and by the end of the night she got the idea and sat for greeting. I haven’t done that yet but just might we just bought a house and going to have a house warming party and might try it then.