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Hi Everyone!
New to the group and excited to bring our girl home in Feb 2004. I was wondering what a good grooming tool would be. I was thinking an electric would be easier, but I don’t know. Can you use human electric clippers?
How much should I spend?

Hi there, l had a shih tzu x for 18 years, he passed in november, for clipping, using human clippers is not advised, reason is they get hot and you can irritate your dogs skin when clipping them.

If your want to buy dog clippers they can be expensive, here is Australia you are looking at around $400 for a decent set of dog clippers, but its money well spend, they clip alot smoother and they dont upset your dogs skin.

A suggestion for bathing, doesnt have to cost a lot, go to your local supermarket or gorcery store, look in the laundry section, Eucalyptus woolwash……….its wonderful, flees hate the eucalyptus and the woolwash leaves your dogs coat nice and shiney, this is a cheaper method but dog shampoos are also good. If you use the eucalyptus woolwash do not put any on your dogs face, ears or private regions.

When you bathe your shih tzu use a face washer around the eyes as they do tend to get a brown secretion from their eyes, just use water only there to clean that part.

Hope this has helped you.

Hello pinscher mum. I have a question for you since you have had a shih-tzu for 18 years. I also have got one and he is only 11 months old. He sheds alot and i’m not for sure if that is just puppy hair or what. I was suppose to get a female for him, but now i’m not sure if i want 2 shedding dogs in my house. Will this stage move on and when?


Scooter Michelle, Shih tzus do malt a fair bit, generally speaking it oocurs mostly twice a year with the summer and winter coat, but they do malt year round, just a little less.

If you are concerned, seek your vets opinion, maybe it is allergy or illness related, but its better to ask your vet also.

pinscher mum- thanks for your reply. why is it that every site that i go to says that shih-tzus don’t shed. mine does not have the long flowing heavy coat yet. it is still very fuzzy and wirey. but when i brush him, alot does come out. i love him dearly but i really dislike all the mess. I wonder if keeping his hair cut short would help solve alot of the problem. Thanks again.


scooter_michelle no idea why someone would think a shih-zhu doesnt shed, they sure do, they have a great coat, and most longer haired dogs do shed.

I got to a point where l would keep mickeys coat short for summer, l loved it, he loved it, and no shedding then.

pinscher mum- Great idea!! I think i’ll do the same. So, how’s the weather in Australia? It’s not every day you talk with someone across the world.

One Michelle to another, rofl, hehehe and shih tzu lovers, sorry makes me laugh.

Post pics when you can pleaseeeee. Weather is pleasant, we are just coming out of summer not that you would know, had a few real bad stinker days, so darn hot you just wanted to fade away, lol.

So, i guess your a Michelle also. COOL!! What does rofl mean? About the weather, we are fixin to hit spring and so ready for it. This cold, i don’t like and don’t really care for the hot, hot summer either. Spring and fall are wonderful here. Nice 4-wheeler weather. Do you come into the U.S. much or not?

We are gonna head to Branson, Missouri next month and watch world fest. Ever heard of it? We especially like to go see the Australians sing and show a little of their culture. Anyway, world fest is when every nation around the world come and do something from their culture like sing, dance and etc….

I’ll try and get some pictures of my baby. I’m suppose to get my other baby tomorrow. I’m kinda scared to do that with all the shedding but if i can cut their hair and then they won’t shed, that would be okay too.

Rolling On Floor Laughing = ROFL.

Ive never been to the USA, would like to one day though. Ive heard of the name Mossorui, dont know much about it though. I dont much care for the hot hot summer, but lm not good in the freezing cold, so l dont really win either way.

Australian culture, ld love to see that, we dont really have anything, we are such a multicultural country and there really isnt anything that is “aunstralian” unless we just take credit for something someone else made, sneaky of us.

Cant wait to see pics of your baby, and your new one when you have it, no doubt they are both gorgeous, they are shih zhu’s so it goes without saying, lol

Well, did i say something that was that funny? ROFL.. I’m amazed. Well, you know us U.S. citizens, we get excited over a different accent. HAHA!! The Australians come and perform on stage with their musical instruments. One thing that they use in a long pipe of some sort made from i think a Bamboo stick. It sounds really cool. The guy that comes here and sings is some pretty famous guy in Australia. He make tapes and all. He sings that song Good day, Good day and hows it going, what ya know, we’ll strike a light…….etc……….I just love it.

How do you get pictures on this page. I’m downloading mine from my camera onto my documents but i don’t know where to go from there. by the way, if you want to continue to e=mail me my e=mail is

michelle, erm, know who your talking about, their not really what l would call famous, but they sing a lot of songs about australia.

The instrument is a didgeredoo (sp?) Diiiiddge a re doo.

its a native instrument that the aborginals designed, does sound nice l must admit.

Pics – click on the word album under your name, takes you to your album, simply click on upload pics, select where pic is stored, and hey presto, its in your album, ohh, thats after you click submit

Well, that is easy enough but where all my dog pictures are located, there are other pictures also. How do you just select the ones you want to show up?

Yep, that is the instrument i was talking about.

rofl, u click on browse, find the pic you want, select it and say OK, it only uploads one photo at a time

i avoid using wet shampoo unless shalom is utterly soiled.

daily i would brush her and in the event that she picked up some wet mud, i’ll normally crate her and wait till the mud dries off and then brush the mud off.

as for urine stains, a groomer taught us to use talcum or baby powder over the stained area and then brush it off.

using the above mentioned couple with daily brushing nad teeth cleaning, shalom has been able to last for 2 weeks without any shower despite our hot humid weather.