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Abby went to the vet more than a week ago and got some medicine for puppy vaginitis. She had starting having a mucous discharge when she tee teed. i didn’t know what it was, but they said it could be a UTI or puppy vaginitis. i have her on clavomox, and she’s been on it for more than a week and it hasn’t improved. She is herself, with not a bit less energy, but i hope it’s not serious. they said that her first heat would help. has anyone else had this problem?


Inflammation of the vagina may occur in prepubertal or mature (intact or spayed) bitches. Vaginitis usually is due to bacterial infection, which may be secondary to conformational abnormalities such as vestibulovaginal strictures. Viral infection (eg, herpes), vaginal foreign bodies, neoplasia, hyperplasia of the vagina, androgenic steroids (eg, mibolerone), or intersex conditions also may cause vaginitis. This is usually not the case but is always a possibility.

Prepubertal animals often do not require treatment because the vaginitis nearly always resolves with the first estrus. It’s always wise for the vet to wait until after the first estrus before talking with you about spaying and also treating for a possible UTI is important as it may in fact be a bacterial infection causing the problem. Clavamox is wonderful for treating this type of bacterial infection but occasionally takes two full cycles of the drug to clear up the infection.

If your girl has been on the medication for a week and is showing no signs of improvement by all means, call your vet and discuss it with him or her and see if they wish to continue, up her dosage or try another medication.


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Has she cystitis as well? A friends giant pup also had this when having vaginitus.



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they tried to get a urine sample for a UTI, but couldn’t. they gave the clavomox for 10 days twice a day. i have two different tablets, 125 mg and 62.5 mg which equal about 187.5 mg a day.

i should just call my vet huh 😉 lol

just wondered if anyone else in the “giant schnauzer” community had this problem with a pup. She also has an “innie” vulva, which is why she suspected the vaginitis and not a UTI, though she said she treated with the same meds for both.

Our girl has that too. She is six months old and we just took her to the vet for a spay consult. He said its probably best to let her go through a heat cycle as that sometimes will correct the folds. We are in the same boat 🙂