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hi everyone,

although i was told that i had purchased a pug, i believe my puppy is actually a puggle. i’m not too bummed, because he’s adorable! i had never heard of a puggle, but people kept telling me that he looks like one. after doing some internet research, i have to admit that 12 week old alec looks more like a puggle than a pug puppy.

see for yourself at the following link: (these are when he was 7 wks)

so now that i might have a puggle, i was wondering if anyone has pictures of full grown puggles or know how large they get. i live near detroit mi, so if anyone is interested in a play group, please let me know! you can email pics to me at



Oh how cute is HE?? Oh goodness… He looks like a pug mix to me, maybe a chi-pug. I highly doubt he is a puggle “A Puggle is a baby Echidna, a unique mammal found only in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. Echidnas and platypuses are the only mammals in the world today that come from eggs. The echidna egg hatches in it’s mother’s pouch, where it suckles milk from a milk patch. The mother carries it around in the pouch for about 50 days and then puts it in a burrow. It is weaned (fully spined and independent) at 7 months.”

There is a photo of a puggle on this page. what ever he is, he is a total QT

give the lil ” puggle(t) a snuggle from me * Yes folks I know a “puggle is a pug/ beagle mix, just a little humor.

Whatever he is he sure is cute! I haven’t seen a puggle (pug/beagle) so I can’t help but my guess would be pug/chi too.


Denise a/k/a Poodlemom

Hi there are some puggle owners here on board they should answer you soon.. Was he sold to you as a purbred pug?

I think he could very well possibly be a Puggle!! BUt it doesnt really matter, because he is soo cute!!!

Here are a few “Puggle pics”


What is a Puggle?

Puggles are a relatively new hybrid dog breed produced by mating a select female Beagle to a select male Pug- resulting in a very sweet-tempered, affectionate (but not yippy, hyper, or insecure) pup that is very low-maintenance family-friendly (great with children and other dogs), loose-skinned, wrinkly-faced, endearing in both personality and looks. Well into their adult lives, Puggles exemplify the best of what dogs are all about- loyalty, companionship, and affection; translating into a breed that is very eager to please its owner. It has been proven over time that Puggle owners feel their Puggles change their own family chemistry for the better giving everyone a “lift” by their happy, can-do natures. As well, Puggles are durable, hardy dogs that can easily take a bit of rough-housing (boys love them for this.) Girls appreciate their affectionate, lap-loving qualities. Due to their elongated snouts, breathing problems are not a problem; as well, the eyes do not bulge on puggles. Puggles do not show the Beagle tendency to run- rather, their greatest delight seems to be to be in their owner’s presence: this quality tends to keep them close to you (they love to be cuddled!). Typical of most hybrid breeds, Puggles display no congenital defects or particular health concerns. Like all straight-haired dog breeds, puggles do shed; however, their relatively short coat and small size minimizes this problem. Puggles get to be 14-20lbs. as adults, are 13-15″ high at the shoulder, typically have a curly tail, are tan with a black muzzle- earning them the nickname of “miniature mastiffs”. [/img]


Dustin -aka- duttie , *Duchess & Meika*

Sorry about the size of the pictures..they werent that big when i posted them!?..if another mod can re-size them..Please so!


Dustin -aka- duttie , *Duchess & Meika*

thanks so much for the pics! alec does look more like a puggle than an actual pug… i guess time will tell!

Yes, sorry about the size of some of the pics, but if he IS a puggle, he will still eb cute as can be so dont worry about it!


Dustin -aka- duttie , *Duchess & Meika*

I have a puggle puupy of my own and i love her to pieces. Alec looks really close to what Bailey looked like at 8 weeks old her picture is at the left. Dont be upset puggles are GREAT they are sometimes a handful but what puppies aren’t. They love to be social and cuddle with you all the time. They also LOVE to play. and the great thing about her is she doesnt bark! puggles are so lovable its hard to not fall in love but as it looks like i do think that Alec is a puggle. Hope you enjoy him

Hi, I just signed up here but I am wondering if anyone has any pics of adult Pug-chis. I am thinking about getting one but I do not know how big they get and what they look like full grown. thanks and please post back soon.


“Bam,” kick it up a notch.”!!!!!

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Maximus’ mommy!!

Hi there Melanie, OMG, your pup is so so so so so so cuteeeeeeeee. Ive always been a softy for pugs, but l must say, Puggles are sure prettyyyyyyyyyy. You get a pug, but a little bigger, aweeee, makes me want another pup.

And Duttie, thanks for those pics, lve not seen a puggle before but wow they sure are cuties.

Best of luck with your pup Melanie and l cant wait to see more pics as he grows

Stormy 3Rotties, ohhh l shall blush, l never knew echidnas where called puggles before, must say though, they look cute, they make cute noises, but ohhhhhhhhhhh try to hold one, like holding a cactus, those spikes on their backs stand real straight when they get a fright


You definintly have a puggle. As a breeder of puggles i know one when i see one. They are a wonderful dog full of the pug personality and the beagle loyalty.

YEP!, I think you have a Puggle puppy. I have one and he is great. I am sure you will love yours.

yes it looks like your pup could likely be a puggle- this is what cameron looked like as a puppy. We have a puggle puppy named Cameron- she is adorable and we love her to death, though she is quite a handful 🙂 Anyway, I would love for them to play, but we live in Grand Rapids. By the way, where did you get your pup? Because it is illegal for any breeder to tell you you are getting one kind of pup and give you another kind. Just curious. Full grown, Cameron is 24 pounds. I also met another puggle at Petsmart the other day, and it was full grown and 22 pounds, so I would say expect about 20-25 pounds at full growth. Also, everyone I’ve talked to says they are a bit difficult to housebreak, but don’t loose hope, they will eventually get it, thought it may take several months. Good luck 🙂