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With roots dating to the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Afghan Hound is an ancient breed derived from the group of Middle Eastern sighthounds. Afghan Hounds development is the result of its use of being a coursing hound capable of providing hare and gazelle meat.

This dog often hunted with the aid of falcons. Generations of hunting in Afghanistan produced a fast dog that also had a good deal of stamina, but most of all an incredible leaping ability and nimbleness. It’s long coat protected it from the cold climate.

The first Afghan Hound came to England in the 1900s; at that time these dogs were called Persian Greyhounds or Barukhzy Hounds. Popularity soon came fast coming in the show ring, with the Afghan becoming one of the most competitive and glamorous dogs in the shows. In the 1970’s the Afghan became a fad breed with the public, but it has since dwindled in popularity.


The Afghan hound has several features that are bound to catch ones eye. From the long silky coat that to the almond shaped eyes that force your attention, the Afghan is a confident and royal looking breed.

The Head

The appearance of the Afghan Hound is that of dignity and assurance. The head is evenly shaped and the breed has confident, almost almond shaped eyes. The Afghan has a level mouth in which the upper and lower jaw meet evenly. The ears are long and should reach to the front of the dogs long, distinctive nose if moved forward.

Faults round eyes, exaggerated nose, topknot not upon head, courseness of hair and overshot or undershot bite.

Neck and Body

The neck is long and curves into the body. The backline of the Afghan should be long and mostly level across the entire back of the animal. The height of the Afghan should equal that of the distance from the front of the chest to the buttocks. The hip bones are prominent in the breed.

Faults swayback, prominance lacking in the hips, neck lacking length or overly thick, chest to wide.


An Afghan male should stand 27 inches in height, plus or minus 1”. The female should measure 25 inches, plus or minus 1”.


A male Afghan will weigh around 60 pounds while their female counterpart weighs around 50 pounds.


Afghans come in a variety of colors and all are allowed. White markings are undesireable in the breed, espeically on the head.


The Afghan Hound is a hunter at heart, bred to chase down game. It will chase animals outside, however inside it will coexist as a family pet peacefully. Though gentle with children, it may not be playful and interactive enough with them.

The Afghan is sometimes referred to as “catlike”, it is independant yet sensitive, and not overly demonstrative. It is reserved with strangers; some can be timid. It has a gay, clownish side.

Health Concerns

Minor concerns for the Afghan Hound include cataract problems. Also, occasionally seen health concerns include Necrotic Myelopthy and CHD. Suggested related tests in an older Afghan Hound would be that of vision screening. The typical life span ranges from 12-14 years and the average weight for a male is 60lbs. compared to a female at 50 lbs. Please note, some Afghan Hounds are sensitive to anesthesia and are prone to tail injuries.

The Afghan’s daily upkeep involves daily exertion, either in the form of a long walk followed by a short sprint, or a chance to run full speed in a safe enclosed area. Although it’s coat is suited for the outdoors, Afghans need a soft bed and is better suited as a housedog. The coat requires some commitment, especially when shedding. Most adults coats need brushing or combing every two to three days.


The Afghan Hound Rates in the top 100 breeds according to AKC statistics with a rank of 83.

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