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When deciding to add a dog to your family one of the most important things to consider is how to choose a reputable breeder. When considering a breeder always remember that for every reputable breeder, there is an untrustworthy one. To help detect the difference, this article lists several factors to AVOID when considering a breeder.

The breeder has several different breeds available and always has litters of puppies. This is most likely what is referred to as a puppy mill, in which dogs are bred simply for making a profit. The breeder does not have any intention on bettering the breed and health problems may soon follow.

The puppies are kept outside without proper shelter. Puppies should be provided with proper shelter, otherwise they are susceptible to health issues from weather conditions. Depending on the specific breed and breeder, the puppies may be kept inside of the house or in a kennel outside.

The breeder does not ask you questions. Remember this is an animal and not a used car. The breeder should be very knowledgeable and ask you many questions such as your experience with dogs, living conditions, plans for exercise, plans for spaying or neutering and more. This is a good sign the breeder cares about their pups and the well being of the breed. A breeder that simply to sells to someone that has enough money to purchase a dog is someone that should be avoided.

The breeder does not know about the breed when asked questions. A breeder that can answer simple questions about the breed should be avoided. The main purpose of breeding is to better the breed by eliminating health issues and unwanted characteristics. If a breeder does not know much about the breed, what are the chances they are bettering the breed? Below are some simple questions a breeder should be able to answer:

1. What country did the dog breed originate in?

2. How long have you owned and bred this breed of dogs?

3. What do you like most about the breed?

4. Do you have a spay/neuter policy? Almost all-reputable breeders will

The breeder does not give any clear indication on if the dog may be bred. Most reputable breeders are concerned about their reputation and will require any puppy purchased as a pet be spayed or neutered. If a breeder does not give any clear indication of their spay/neuter policy ask them about it. If they do not have one, find a different breeder.

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