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After you get a puppy one of the first things to do is name it. How do you decide on what to name your puppy when there are so many great names out there? This article will assist you in choosing a name that you like and is fitting for your pup.

So many names and so little time. That is the way most dog owner’s feel when trying to decide on a name for their pup. Should I call him Max, Mack or Magic? If you know me then you know I prefer Max, as our Boxer boy is named Maximus. Below are some tips on naming your newest family member.

Choose a name you like and will use. This sounds simple but I see a problem with this all the time. Often an owner wants to think of a creative name for their dog, which is great. A problem arises when the name is hard to say and many different short variations of the name arise. Take the name Maximus for example. We do not use this name, instead we shorten it to Max. The key is to call the dog the same name each time you call it. This helps them learn their name. Many people will make a variety of “cute” names, for instance Max, Maxi, etc… and call the dog differently each time. This can confuse your pup and add a lot of time onto your puppy learning their name and coming when being called.

Name the pup something that ends with a long “e” sound. From personal experience dogs tend to learn and listen better to names that end with a long “e” sound because of the higher pitch the owners voice makes when calling. Some examples of these names would be Mookie, Zoie, Andy, Teddy, etc….

Find out the meaning of the name and name your puppy according to their personality. There are many great resources online for finding dog names that will also give the meaning of the name. Baby name books are another great place to find potential names for your pup. An example would be Max, which means “Large Spring” which is a very accurate description if someone has seen him when we have company.

With so many names available take your time and choose the perfect name for your new puppy. With the ideas listed above I am sure many are thinking of additional ideas for finding the perfect name. Remember that this is very important as it will define your puppy for the rest of their lives.

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