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Many owners discover as their cute little puppy grows it tends to have an aggressive side. Dog aggression is a serious problem and professional assistance is recommended in helping correct the problem.

Aggression comes in many forms, from territorial to dog-dog aggression. The root of aggression also can be caused by many factors and is mainly dependent upon the individual dog. Contrary to what many will say, many breeds are not naturally aggressive, they are either taught or it is isolated to particular dogs, not the breed.

With proper training and patience aggression can be overcome in a dog. Often a professional trainer is needed and it involves intense work on the owner’s behalf. Another popular choice for owners with dogs that have aggression problems is to seek the advice of a veterinary behaviorist. This is a veterinary that has completed additional coursework outside of the common veterinary school in the area of animal behavior. The main body governing this is the American College of Veterinary Behaviorist. For information about obtaining a referral for a veterinary behaviorist ask your regular vet or contact the college.

Learned aggression behavior is another problem as many owners do not take the time needed to correct aggressive behaviors when a dog is young. If items like chewing and nipping are not taken care of properly when the dog is young it could lead to problems later on. Nipping or play biting is often started in the puppy teething stage. Although a puppy does not do much harm when play biting, it is also establishing itself as the Alpha in the family. This behavior should be corrected and is a great opportunity to teach some basic commands. When the pup begins to bite, give it the “Sit” command and reward it when it complies. This turns the negative behavior into a positive one and is much more enjoyable for everyone.

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