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This new dog sport is fun to watch and participate in. All you need to practice is your dog, some music and a little rhythm. Due to the great entertainment value, music freestyle has changed the way we view dog competitions and increased interest from dog owners of all breeds.

Freestyle roots originally started with horses where the horse would turn in sync with music. The beginning of dog freestyle can be traced to Canada and is believed to have started as a simple demonstration. Canine freestyle differs from the original freestyle form for horses in that it involves a series of rapid and complex maneuvers by the dog and owner.

The routines themselves are as original as the individual owners and dogs competing. Most participate using costumes to enhance the performance and routines are very well choreographed and planned out. Some routines can take several months to develop even with a well-trained dog.

There are several classes of freestyle including on lead, off lead, single dog and owner and multi-dog owner combinations. Although to be a top performer a lot of work is involved but this should not deter new competitors from competing. All that is really needed is a little time and an enthusiastic dog, it does not hurt for the owner to not mind dancing in front of a crowd either!

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