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The first command most puppies that will enter the show ring learns is “Stand”. This command is an excellent exercise with small pups that are capable of learning and desire the mental stimulation. It also helps owners get to know the qualities of the pup better.

The first step to teaching the pup to stand correctly is to place the front legs under the body of the pup. The legs should be straight and a consistent command should be given (i.e. Stand or Place). Once this is done the pup is rewarded. In no time at all, the pup will know what the command means and that it will be rewarded for doing it.

After the basic position is down the pup can be taught to stand with its back leg extended out. Once the pup is in its stand position, move its leg back while holding the chin up with your other hand. When the back leg is placed give the command you prefer to use for this movement (i.e. leg back). Once the pup is in position reward it for a job well done and continue training as with the stand command.

Once the pup has mastered the Stand and Leg Back commands it is time to move further. When the pup gets in proper position tell the puppy to stay and wait a few seconds before rewarding. As the pup becomes more accustomed to waiting, increase the time it waits. After the pup has waited tell it to “Release” and praise it and give it a treat.

This is an excellent beginning exercise to do with young pups that really helps the new owner get to know their pup and teach it discipline in a rewarding manner.

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